Migration On Cloud

Bridging the Gap between Business Demand and IT Capacity

With years of expertise as a renowned cloud service provider, Brainfloss delivers easy-to-adopt and time-effective migration solutions to a broad spectrum of customers. We combine practical experience with technology & business strategy to help you embark on a smooth cloud migration journey.

What We Offer

Strategy and Assessment

We offer cloud migration strategies that will help you define your digital journey. Our service involves workloads’ assessment to identify cloud-readiness for application migration. The tested & proven methodology is customized to enhance business outcomes and overall results.

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration approach will facilitate the transition of your application workloads to a new, effective operating model. We offer solutions that ease the process of application migration and modernization, enable building new cloud-native applications, and transform your infrastructure.


Post-migration of workloads to the cloud, we ensure that you are able to maximize value through cloud investments. We offer a set of services that facilitate managing your cloud environment. Our cloud governance frameworks are unique to your business value creation, benefits, and resource optimization.

Why Choose Us?

Responsive and Flexible

We offer you a perfect blend of flexibility and responsiveness. Our proven track record and vast real-time experience will help you realize a safe and relatively nimble cloud transition.

Secure and Compliant

Our expertise in cloud migration is competent and ensures total confidentiality and safety of your data. We are thoroughly compliant with most governing policies and our migration frameworks are always in tone with your specific business requirements.