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Migration on Cloud

We assess the stage that you are in the migration process and help you move to the cloud with the right set of tools. We also help you move from a monolithic to a microservice based approach based on the scale of your application.

Managed Services

Brainfloss’s next-generation approach to managed services helps enterprises to achieve consistent process adjustments & optimization in all business aspects. We help you enhance the agility of your IT system and avoid needless loss of resources and time. Our process led transformation approach will make it easy for you to achieve lasting success for your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimizing downtime has become a necessity of today’s world. 

Our teams focus on backup policies, periodic testing of backups and setting up automated schedules.  We identify the correct backup strategy depending on the application’s RTO and RPO expected. Depending on scale of your setup, we will design a disaster recovery plan in another region and cost optimize the setup.


‘Security begins at home’ . Providing secure logins to application builders is a first in security. Cyber security is a must in today’s world and we have standard procedures right from setting up firewalls to redesigning your infrastructure based on security for DDoS mitigation.


New releases can become quite complex involving a lot of steps and choosing the right tools.

We have people experienced in tools from Git, Docker, Chef, Jenkins to cloud-based tools like CodeStar, CodePipeline, OpsWorks. From choosing the right deployment strategies to testing tools, we will help you automate in the cloud.

App Modernization

Newer tools demand a change in the strategy, infrastructure, tools and language. 

Optimizing your existing applications can help you reduce the costs and make use of efficient resources. Our experts will architect the right solution and help you optimize it over time.

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